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PharmAssist is a scientifically driven, high quality laboratory that operates in full compliance with cGMPs and keeps abreast of developments in drug product regulatory requirements and analytical test method technology. Since 1989, PharmAssist has been providing superior analytical solutions to our customers in a cost-effective, timely manner.

Mission Statement

PharmAssist is committed to produce the highest quality data founded on scientific research to advance the pharmaceutical industry and our client’s objective. To this end we provide a safe, ethical and invigorating workplace for our employees and a valued return to our shareholders.


The cornerstone philosophy of PharmAssist is that we are scientific partners with our customers in solving their analytical problems. A scientifically critical approach is taken to all research, whether it is a single sample or a complex method development and validation performed in conjunction with a regulatory submission. This distinguishes PharmAssist from many larger laboratories, which, because of their size, often cannot afford extensive consultation with clients in relation to their pharmaceutical problems. PharmAssist has been highly successful in filling this niche, and has sustained a continual steady growth since its inception, while maintaining its core philosophy of producing the highest quality data founded on basic scientific research and personalized interaction with the client.

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