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Our founder and principal scientist at PharmAssist bring a combined pharmaceutical experience of more than 60 years. Their in-depth knowledge, expertise, and wisdom is present daily and sets a firm groundwork for our well-trained and professional staff to offer our clients valuable testing services.

Hence, the cornerstone philosophy of PharmAssist is that we are scientific partners with our customers in solving analytical problems. This partnership philosophy means that we continue to support our clients beyond the analytical report. A scientifically critical approach is taken to all research, whether it is a single sample or a complex method development/validation performed in conjunction with a regulatory submission.

Our PharmAssist team proudly offers the following services: 

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT - We support our clients' product development activities for small molecules, protein and peptides, medical devices, and natural products. 

EQUIPMENT CLEANING VALIDATION STUDIES - PharmAssist provides sensitive and specific quantitation of both cleaning products/detergents and residual pharmaceutical products with a rapid turn-around to minimize equipment downtime. 

RELEASE TO MARKET TESTING - We are proficient in handling substantial quantities of samples for release testing while employing a variety of techniques including HPLC, Mass Spectrometry, Dissolution, Disintegration, GC, CE, UV-Vis, and various wet chemical methods. 

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